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Join us on the 30th and March with Pride!

June is LGBT Pride Month, a celebratory time for LGBT people and their allies.  On Sunday, June 30th, I’ll be joining thousands of people marching down Fifth Avenue for the Annual Pride Parade that ends on Christopher Street in the West Village.  It would be great if you would join me.

As the original sponsor of the same-sex marriage bill in the Assembly, I know how profoundly important marriage equality is.  But there are still vital issues facing the LGBT community.  I’m the author and prime sponsor of GENDA (Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act) in the Assembly, to protect transgender New Yorkers from discrimination.  As chair of the Assembly Health Committee, I have always worked for legislation and funding relating to HIV, the particular problems of LGBT patients, and improved access to health care for everyone.  All too often, I have needed to join in denouncing anti-LGBT violence.

To join the march with me, my colleagues, and friends, please contact Jeffrey LeFrancois in my Community Office at 212-807-7900 or by email at LeFrancoisJ AT so we can let you know when and where we will be gathering.

See you on Fifth Avenue!