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More Polls & Legislative Support for Medical Marijuana

Back in January, a Siena poll showed strong, bi-partisan support for medical marijuana.  In two new polls, another from Siena and one from Quinnipiac, New Yorkers echo these results:

Siena, 2/25/14:
The governor has proposed a test program to permit about 20 hospitals to provide medical marijuana to patients being treated for serious illness. Which of the following options best describes how you feel about this?

  • 32% – The governor’s test program is the way to go
  • 45% – NY should immediately move beyond a test program and make medical marijuana legal, as 20 states have already done
  • 20% – Medical marijuana should remain illegal

Quinnipiac, 2/17/14:
Do you support or oppose allowing adults in New York State to legally use marijuana for medical purposes if their doctor prescribes it?

  • 88% – Support
  • 9% – Oppose
  • 3% – Don’t know

The Compassionate Care Act also has new support in the State Senate.  Three western New York Republicans – Grisanti, Robach, and Maziarz – have come out in support of medical marijuana this month.  New Yorkers want a real medical marijuana program, and more and more of their legislators are listening.