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New Siena Poll Shows Strong Support for Medical Marijuana

Today’s Siena poll shows strong, statewide support for legalization of medical marijuana.  Across all regions and demographic groups, New Yorkers favor legalization through a comprehensive, legislative approach such as the Compassionate Care Act.  Many patients who could benefit from medical marijuana will not be helped by the Governor’s activation of a 1980 law, including children with severe epilepsy.  New Yorkers know better, and say so in the new poll:

Question:  The governor has proposed a test program to permit about 20 hospitals to provide medical marijuana to patients being treated for serious illness. Which of the following options best describes how you feel about this?

  • 28% – The governor’s test program is the way to go
  • 49% – NY should immediately move beyond a test program and make medical marijuana legal, as 20 states have already done
  • 21% – Medical marijuana should remain illegal

Question: The governor intends to launch the pilot program for medical marijuana under his executive authority. Do you think this is the best way to proceed on this issue or do you think any decision on medical marijuana should be made through a new law passed by the State Legislature?

  • 36% – Best way to proceed
  • 55% – Pass a law
  • 9% – Don’t know / No opinion

For full results, including breakdowns by region, demographic, and political affiliation, see page 7 here.