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Patients Rally for the Compassionate Care Act

Patient advocates rallied today at the New York State Capitol in favor of the
Compassionate Care Act.  While I welcome the Governor’s endorsement of the medical value of cannabis, his decision to activate the 1980 Olivieri law is inadequate.  Patients tell us that a great many of them will be left out, including children with severe epilepsy. Here are some photos from today’s event calling on the Governor to support a comprehensive, tightly-regulated system under the Compassionate Care Act:

“Governor Cuomo’s limited medical marijuana study will not give my son the medicine he desperately needs.”
-Missy Miller of Atlantic Beach and her son Oliver, who suffers from epilepsy
(Photo credit: Compassionate Care NY)
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Kate Hintz, of North Salem, and her daughter Morgan who suffers from Dravet Syndrome
(Photo credit: Joseph Spector, Gannett)
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Patient advocates at the New York State Capitol
(Photo credit: Compassionate Care New York)
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