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Press Release: Assembly Passes Gottfried Bill to Help Seniors Coordinate Prescriptions

June 13, 2019

Today the Assembly passed A. 2785, a bill I sponsored that would allow pharmacists to synchronize the dispensing of prescriptions for Medicaid patients so that patients can pick up multiple refills at the same time.  

“Medication synchronization” allows for partial refills so that patients with multiple prescriptions can coordinate them, maximizing convenience, reducing waste, and helping patients comply with their medication.  Without this bill, patients would be blocked from obtaining such partial refills, and be required to pay a full months’ co-pay for a month’s supply, even if they didn’t need it.  

Approximately three out of four seniors today use more than two medications, and one-third of seniors take five or more.  This bill has been endorsed by the Northeast Kidney Foundation, Community Pharmacy Association, and Pharmacists’ Society among other patient and provider organizations.  The companion bill sponsored by Senator Brad Hoylman is currently on the Senate floor.