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Press Round-Up: NY Health Act Economic Study

UMass-Amherst Economics Chair Gerald Friedman recently produced a fiscal analysis of the New York Health Act universal healthcare bill.  According to Professor Friedman’s report, New Yorkers would save $45 billion net even after expanding coverage to all, accounting for increased utilization, and paying providers fairly.

The release of the report generated great press coverage across the state.  For a summary of the report, see the press release here.  The full document can be found here, and video of Professor Friedman’s presentation here.

Here are some news stories covering the release of the report:

“Universal Healthcare for Ailing New York,” by Tim Macaluso, Rochester City Newspaper.

“State Should Address Single Payer System,” by Ken Hall, Times Herald-Record.

“The Economics of Universal Healthcare,” Capital Tonight with Liz Benjamin, (video.) 

“Report: State-Funded Healthcare Would Save NY $45 Billion,” By Derek Hawkins, Public News Service (includes audio).

“Single Payer Advocates Urge Unions to “Get Ahead of the Curve,” by Joe Maniscalco, Labor Press.

“Behind the Scenes – Single Payer Healthcare’s Sales Pitch to New Yorkers,” by David Robinson, Albany Business Review.

“Report: Single-Payer Health Coverage Could Save New York Billions of Dollars,” by David Robinson, Albany Business Review.

“Report: Universal Health Care Could Save NYS $45 Billion,” by Tracey Drury, Buffalo Business First..

“New study touts benefits of single-payer health care for New York; Health plans disagree,” by Avery Schneider, WBFO 88.7 (includes audio.) 

“Study: Single Payer Health Would Save $45 Billion in NY,” by Claire Hughes, Albany Times-Union.

“Gottfried: New Study “Dramatically” Changes Single Payer Debate,” by Ashley Hupfl, City & State.

“Single-payer health model could save NY $71B, says economist,” Crain’s Health Pulse.