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City and State: Federal uncertainty keeps New York’s health care agenda in limbo

November 20, 2017

Health care legislation in Albany during the 2018 session will be largely affected by decisions made in Washington. State Sen. Kemp Hannon, chairman of the Senate Health Committee, said the state Legislature would be “very careful” and will be “watching what happens” in Congress this year when deliberating health care issues.

Last week, U.S. Senate Republicans launched another effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act by including a measure in their sweeping tax reform proposal to eliminate the requirement that Americans buy health insurance or face a fine.

Additionally, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which gives federal aid to provide medical coverage for low-income children, expired on Oct. 1. Nearly 700,000 children in New York state were enrolled in CHIP as of last year, according to Medicaid data.

Protecting New Yorkers with Bleeding Disorders

On March 24, I was proud to receive the New York State Bleeding Disorders Coalition’s 1st Annual Fred Winters Memorial Award.  The Coalition is a partnership of non-profits who advocate for New Yorkers with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia.

As Chair of the Assembly Health Committee, I worked last year to pass legislation expanding coverage of blood clotting products on an outpatient basis under Child Health Plus.  Although these were covered under CHP for inpatient care, outpatient coverage is faster, more accessible, and less expensive than requiring constant hospital visits for treatment.  Governor Cuomo signed the bill into law in October and it takes effect in April. 

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Meeting with representatives of the New York State Bleeding Disorders Coalition.  Credit: New York State Assembly Photography