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Assembly Health Committee Update

The Assembly Committee on Health favorably reported 31 bills at meetings on April 29, May 6, May 13, and May 20, including legislation restricting the sale of liquid nicotine, ensuring that physicians can treat Lyme Disease without fear of professional discipline, and authorizing schools to stock and administer epi-pens.

Tuesday, April 29

Managed Care Patients’ Rights – Assures that a patient who is being treated for a terminal illness can still have access to the health care practitioner who is treating him/her even if the practitioner leaves the patient’s health plan network. (A366B, Dinowitz)

Hospital Environmental Health and Safety Notice – Requires hospitals to provide notice of environmental health and safety hazards to employees and patients. (A920, Englebright)

April Assembly Health Committee Update

The Assembly Committee on Health favorably reported 39 bills at meetings in April, including legislation to create a universal health coverage “single payer” plan for New York State, to allow use of marijuana under medical supervision, a ban on artificial trans fats modeled on the NYC law, expanding access to emergency contraception, Adoptee Right to Know, Adult Home Resident Abuse Reporting   and requiring disclosure of medical errors.  For more information on a particular bill, please contact the sponsor listed after the description.  For the text of a bill, supporting memorandum, and information on its status, go to:

Tuesday, April 16

Preventing Illegal Cigarette Distribution – Prevents illegal cigarette sales by strengthening the state’s cigarette shipment law and enacting civil penalties for offenders.  (A365, Dinowitz, passed Assembly on 4/29/13)

Obstetrician Risk Management Continuing Education – Grants a medical malpractice premium reduction to obstetricians, other physicians who do deliveries, and midwives who take a continuing education course on risk management and birthing options for patients.  (A414A, Paulin)